Logo LUG EUROPA  Our LUG EUROPA brand specializes in highly robust professional luggage. We have developed different ranges for demanding professionals for whom their baggage is a real working tool:  emergency teams, postal distribution teams, train crews and maintenance technicians.

These intensive-use luggage ranges are designed by our Design Office and undergo tests in the laboratory and in the field to guarantee their reliability and robustness.



We propose a variety of ranges for the emergency services: clothing, medical and fire. The three ranges meet the equipment needs of institutional and associative emergency teams, etc.

These professionals are extremely demanding as, in an emergency situation, the equipment must be easily accessible and well protected. Luggage sizes and uses are closely linked to the way in which the professionals work.



We have developed luggage solutions for all the postal professions. We offer sorting bags, delivery bags and carriers for bikes, scooters and electric delivery trolleys. We have been working for many years with the French Post Office and some other European post offices.

We innovate every year to offer products that have larger capacities and are more ergonomic for these professions in which the key issues are efficient distribution and human engineering.  



We have been working for several years with the rail companies, offering them luggage adapted to their working conditions.

Each profession has its own movement constraints and we offer adapted carrying solutions: luggage on wheels, back-packs or ergonomic belts. We explore every option to offer users the best luggage solutions.



Travelling maintenance technicians are constantly moving their tools and PPE. In the field, they need ergonomic, reliable, versatile luggage.

We offer them made-to-measure luggage solutions, adapted to the characteristics of the tools that each type of technician carries. We use components tested for their reliability and robustness in order to supply high-quality luggage. The human engineering in each solution is designed with the “movements and postures” recommendations in mind.