The Top Bagage International Group

TOP BAGAGE INTERNATIONAL was founded in the Paris region in 1986 then moved its headquarters and factory to Brittany. Now established in Montauban-de-Bretagne, the Group offers professionals a range of complete luggage lines via its different brands.

A sales team in the field, close to users

Our sales team has considerable experience of working with our users. We are able, through them, to design solutions to meet your needs. Every customer has a special contact who follows the project through from the user request to receipt of the order. Our sales representatives can offer a solution to suit you – standard or made-to-measure luggage – according to your needs, budget, deadlines, etc.

A developer of luggage solutions for professionals

TOP BAGAGE luggage is all designed in our own design office. This proximity between the sales team and the designers means that we can offer highly appropriate solutions and a rapid response.

A flexible offer

We have a range of industrial solutions that enable us to meet your needs, from a few items to several thousand. We have a factory in France. Whatever production method we choose, we guarantee the quality and conformity of our products.

Made-to-measure and customized products

We have developed customizable products to meet your various requirements: products marked with a logo, canvas colour, etc. If we don’t have an existing solution to suit you, we’ll design a made-to-measure solution.

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Our luggage ranges


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Clothing sales forces

TOP BAGAGE designs and manufactures folding professional hanging rails, specially-organized luggage, clothing transport covers and ultra-light hangers. A complete range for travelling clothing representatives.

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Building trade representatives

TOP BAGAGE offers made-to-measure solutions for building professionals: our luggage is fitted with high-density foam for samples and parts, trays, compartments, etc.

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Service sector travellers

For all professionals who have to travel for their appointments, TOP BAGAGE offers a range of different volumes and carrying methods to meet their needs.

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Optical industry representatives

TOP BAGAGE offers a complete solution for optical industry professionals: two complementary pieces of luggage and different presentation trays.

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Our headquarters and factory

Please note that we’re on a very recently-built estate and Google Street View hasn’t come by since we moved here. Until we’ve had an update, please don’t rely on the images of the estate provided by Google.

We are in Montauban de Bretagne, in the Ille-et-Vilaine department (35) in Brittany. Just 30 km from Brittany’s capital, Rennes, Montauban-de-Bretagne is very well served by rail and is very close to the N12 expressway. Customers and prospects are welcome to visit the site to see our factory and product showroom and talk about their projects.