TOP BAGAGE quality

Our quality certification 

Certification ISO 9001Every year, an independent company carries out an audit on TOP BAGAGE’s premises. It checks that we have introduced procedures to ensure that the company runs smoothly. We have been certified ISO 9001 version 2015 for many years.

We also carry out a large number of internal audits on different processes in order to continually adapt and improve them.

Our leitmotiv: customer satisfaction

Our design process

A special contact accompanies the customer and launches the internal processes required to make a new product.


Tests, approved products

As designers and manufacturers, we test the reliability of our components (canvas, handles, wheels, etc) and finished products in our test laboratory. We offer luggage that has a reputation for sturdiness and reliability.

We own 7 tests internally that are permanently installed in our laboratory:

►   dynamometer(tear resistance of the canvas, thread and straps);
►   abrasion test (abrasion resistance of the canvas);
►   chain wear test (chain wear resistance);
►   load resistance test  (resistance of carrying methods and finished product assemblies);
►   robustness and impact test  (robustness of wheelbase systems and telescopic handles);
►   trolley test benches - two different ones - (robustness of trolley structures and wheels).

We introduce new tests if necessary. Our products are then tested by our customers, prospects or users for adjustments linked to specific local requirements.

Our high standards of quality

►   We have introduced a quality charter which must be followed by our production shop and by all our subcontractors.
►   We carry out audits on our subcontractors’ premises every year and check that they comply with national, international and internal regulations (our quality charter).
►   We offer an after-sales service on our products with a warranty or a repair.
►   Our customers are accompagnied by a special contact.
►   We have a large storage area at our factory (900m²) and offer a range of logistics services.