Sélection bag

An excellent addition to the Génération optical bag, the very light Sélection bag will hold another 96 frames and is carried by hand or on the shoulder.

70,00 €
Data sheet

Prepare your selection prior to your appointment

The Sélection bag allows you to carry up to 96 extra pairs of glasses. You can also prepare a special selection of trays for your next customer appointment.

Ease of use

The Sélection bag is light and may be carried by hand or on the shoulder, or may be placed on top of your Generation bag so that you can use the telescopic handle.

Options on estimate

  • print your logo
  • different canvas colours


8 double optical trays (96 frames)

Data sheet
Height (int) 350 mm
Width (int) 343 mm
Depth (int) 340 mm
Weight 0.8 kg
Composition(s) Nouvelle valeur
Description Can hold 8 trays of 12 pairs
Standard colour noire