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Equipment for clothing representatives

We offer a complete range for clothing representatives specializing in adult and children’s fashions, ready-to-wear, sportswear, lingerie, swimwear etc.You’ll find bags offering different interiors to adapt to your ranges (shoes, lingerie); TOP BAGAGE’s professional clothes rail; different sizes of garment bags with jaw and ultra-light hangers.

We also offer customized or totally made-to-measure solutions.


  • Bags

    Generation Range

    Our baggage solutions have been used by clothing sales forces for over 20 years. See our Generation bag, reputed for its reliability and robustness. Find the whole Generation range here: from flexible-interior baggage to interiors developed for shoes, lingerie etc.

    Expert Range

    In addition to the Generation baggage used for your collections, see the range dedicated to your working equipment: computer, stationery, documentation, etc...

  • Clothing cover

    Cover with jaw

    Our clothing covers come in different sizes and materials and adapt to your needs: lightness, presentation quality, central or side opening, etc. They are 40 cm wide and can carry 25 items from your collection.

    We also offer customized covers (canvas colour, accessory colours) and your logo printed on them. Contact our sales department!

  • Hanging rail

    Folding hanging rail

    We offer the TOP BAGAGE folding professional hanging rail – quick to set up and re-fold. See all its specifications.

  • Wire Hangers

    Wire hangers

    We offer a range of wire hangers for all types of clothing: standard hangers, skirt hangers, lingerie and swimwear hangers, waist hanger, strap hanger, etc.

    We offer three colours and several types of hooks. We also have all the tools you need to produce your made-to-measure hangers.

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