Construction industry bags

The equipment for construction industry representatives

We offer a complete range for construction industry representatives specializing in joinery, home automation, electricity, plumbing, ironmongery, hardware, mirrors, etc.

You’ll find carrying and presentation solutions for all types of samples: briefcases for presenting sections, corner-pieces and material ranges, rolling bags and special large sample garment bags.

All our solutions include a made-to-measure interior to adapt to your samples. Contact us and tell us about your project!


  • Kits


    Our kit range includes presentation briefcases for samples such as sections, keys, home automation equipment, etc.

    We offer several sizes to adapt to the size of your collections. The briefcase interior is lined with high-density foam cut to the size of your items to keep them firmly in place and well protected.

    The canvas used to make these briefcases is very hard-wearing and we offer the option of marking it with your logo.

  • Covers


    Our made-to-measure covers are ideal for carrying your large models: windows, doors, roller shutters, conservatories, pool covers, etc.

  • Bags


    Stable and robust, the bags on wheels offer a large volume for carrying all your ranges, so you can offer a broad choice to prospective customers.

    Possibility of screen-printing your logo on the bag.

  • Additional products

    Additional products

    Different, economical and professional, these sales aids are an addition to the sales support equipment you already use: case, bag, sleeve, etc.

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